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"Welcome to Vision Cellars" "I have this theory that if you want a 17-point-eight zinfandel with your fried catfish, that's what you should have." - Mac McDonald

Welcome to Vision Cellars


VISION CELLARS is a Passionate Boutique Award Winning Winery specializing in Pinot Noir without compromise. Established in 1995, however, the first release was the 1997 vintage. Our goal is to capture the essence of the Pinot Noir Grape. We are very proud of our accomplishments thus far and strive to continue our education and deliver consistency towards that goal. We are very excited about our new venture which is the harvesting of "Ms. Lil's" Vineyard".

We hope you Enjoy our Vision!

Where’s Mac?

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Over the years our Visionary Wine Club members and others have ask us what foods do we enjoy having with Vision Cellars awarding winning wines when we dine in. Many have sent us their favorite menus so together we have combined some of ours and some of theirs which we have enjoyed with our wines. Therefore we have decided to share them with you. Please remember you will need to adjust the seasoning to your own taste and diet restrictions. We will select menu items from across the board. At the end of the menu I just want to stroll a selected bottle across the menu and stop it on the side of the menu and say nothing about the wine.

In the News

Beside's all the awards we have just received this year we just want to share with you that the 2010 Las Alturas PN was serviced at "The White House" on Thursday August 7, 2014 with the Main course along with Braised summer greens.

If you have drank all of your 2010 you can call Ms. Lil for a limit of Two bottles to try.

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